Everyone's gotta start somewhere 

Austin enjoys passing on his knowledge of photography and Lightroom to others, and regularly tutors on a range of topics. Those seeking practical, informative, one-on-one training in Austin’s easy-going style should not hesitate to contact him. Or maybe it's a seminar/class/workshop you had in mind? Definitely contact him regarding those, too.

Intro Photography Lesson: Theory

Prerequisite: None

For most people, this first lesson is all about figuring out what you already know, laying a solid photographic foundation, discussing your goals, and setting you down the path to reach them.

We’ll cover the basics (ISO, shutter speed, aperture) in simple, plain English, and then chat about the areas of photography you want to improve on. Want to get better at shooting portraits? Sports? Street/travel photography? Landscapes? Event photography? Flash photography? These goals will be a guide as we discuss the camera gear, modes and settings that will get you there.

Lesson will conclude with a few homework/practice assignments to reinforce concepts at home and a handy cheat-sheet for settings (like the one I carried around while I was learning!)

Bring: DSLR camera (or advanced point and shoot w/manual controls), charged camera batteries, memory cards, any lenses you have questions about, pen and paper

Location: Conveniently-located coffee shop

Duration: 1.5-2hrs avg, can opt for a longer session!

Rate: $60/hr


Advanced Photography Lesson: Practice

Prerequisite: Intro Photography Lesson or demonstrated understanding

Got a decent grip on the basics? Good! Onto the more advanced stuff.

Advanced lessons are a blast: we can meet just about anywhere and practice the things you want to practice, in real-time, side-by-side. You’ll get instant feedback to correct and guide you along as we shoot together in the field. Trying to get more background blur? Can’t remember shutter speed suggestions? Frustrated by auto focus? Let me help you there-and-then on your own gear!

We can also cover more advanced (and crucial) camera settings like Metering and AF modes and apply them while we shoot.

Optionally, you can bring in shots you’ve already taken (displayed on your phone or a computer) and we can review what went right, wrong, and how they could be improved next time. This lesson can also be more pen-and-paper oriented than in-the-field if desired!

Bring: DSLR camera (or advanced point and shoot w/manual controls), charged camera batteries, memory cards, any lenses you want to practice with, pen and paper

Location: Any spot that helps us shoot the things you want to improve on

Duration: 1.5-2hrs avg, can opt for a longer session!

Rate: $60/hr


Adobe Lightroom Training: A Professional Workflow from Start to Finish

Prerequisite: None, but a laptop w/Lightroom installed is required

As I tell all students: great photos are made up of three things — the right gear, the right know-how, and the right post-processing. This last part is often overlooked, especially early on, but it’s a huge part of what makes the great images you see online and in magazines so good. The sooner you dig into editing your images, the sooner your images will dramatically improve.

Working side-by-side on our computers, I’ll walk you through how I edit images from start-to-finish. You’ll work through the same steps with some of your own images — getting all the tips, tricks, and best-practices I’ve picked up during my hundreds of hours spent with the program along the way. Tons of knowledge boiled down into usable chunks you can practice right then and there.

Like the Intro Photography Lesson, we begin by establishing what you already know and then it's off to the races. 

Bring: Laptop computer with Adobe Lightroom installed, power cord, memory card with photos on it, pen and paper

Location: Conveniently-located coffee shop (exceptions considered)

Duration: 2hrs avg, can opt for a longer session! Longer lessons generally include more advanced techniques. 

Rate: $60/hr


People are beginning to talk

"After a one-hour session learning the basics of DSLR from Austin, I was miles ahead in my understanding of my camera. He provided very clear general information about photography, always relating it to my equipment and to the types of photography I am interested in. I’m already taking better pictures and am eager to take another class from Austin once I master the basics." - Petra

“I wanted to thank you for the time we spent at Olbrich Gardens! You are a great teacher and I learned a lot - from the basics of my camera to shooting tips. Thanks for being so knowledgeable and easy-going! I had a great time and can’t wait to hone the skills you taught me!” - Sally

"Thank you for all of your help yesterday. You were most generous in sharing your extensive LR [Lightroom] expertise. In just one sitting I learned more tips and techniques for finishing my photos than I could have ever learned by myself. I made a giant stride in my photography education. Thanks again." - Rich

"Austin is a great teacher! I booked a last minute photography gig but didn't feel comfortable using my new camera yet. Austin explained to me the basic features that would be helpful for me and really took his time to make sure I understood everything (without judging me for my limited knowledge). My photos ended up turning out great!" - Aly

"I wanted to tell you how great your were at teaching me about my camera and the shots I was looking for. I will for sure be looking forward to another private lesson with you." - Staci

"Just like to say thanks a lot! Totally worth it." - Jef